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A Weeded Heart

Poetry Collection on life after chronic pain
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My Story

Hello and Welcome.

My journey as a writer began with seeking answers to the question of why a "good" God would allow dark pain. From this place I wrote my first novels: Carve Me a Place, and its sequel, Barely Breathing. They follow Ryan Grey, a man who will do anything to keep his secrets -- and whoever gets in his way -- underground. These stories contain graphic violence and mature themes.

My poetry, magazine articles and column can be found in the links below.

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JM Bergman

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magzine features

Examining mental and physical health awareness and how our embodied selves are connected with our spiritual selves


Redemption * Healing * Rest

Living Water  - 11 / 2021

Bloom Forever - 9 / 2021

- Articles - 

Beautiful Redemption - Personal Interview Feature - 5 / 2021

My Books

"JM Bergman crafts a powerful tale of redemption against the compelling backdrop of a psychological thriller with twists and turns that will surprise even the most attentive reader. One is reminded that redemption is never out of reach, no matter the situation and even when you feel as if you are 'Barely Breathing'."



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