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My name is Ryan Grey. 

I’m been haunted by secrets too dark to share. 

I kidnapped two young women to keep my identity hidden, 

but the past has a way of surviving even the sharpest knife.

 And now it's back for blood.

Some say a higher power can see us - 

if so, He could have stepped in a long time ago. 

I’m my own authority.

And the only one who can save me, is me. 

Book 1: Carve Me a Place 

Book 2: Barely Breathing


They had stopped screaming.

They were sleeping.

Not drugged.

That’s how he preferred to think about it. 

Riding with him to their forever home.

His home.

People would miss them, and he knew that wasn’t fair.


But life wasn’t fair.


And his life was about to get better. They were going to make it better.


Originally titled, The Phoenix Scar


Held hostage and accused of murder.

Ryan Grey is wounded and broken. 

And so are the young women trapped with him.


He is the only one who can save them

but it seems like death will take him first.


Things get worse when Ryan's real father appears and takes Annie and Teagan to be used for his own twisted form of love.


Ryan is left in the wilderness to die alone.

Is his story over or can he find courage to face his darkest fears? 

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